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Then just get it to experience these features by yourself! In order to ensure your device will be successfully detected by the program, you need to open the USB debugging and install a USB Driver on your Samsung phone by following the instructions on the interface. Directly click SMS button in the left panel and then you'll see both received and sending messages on your mobile phone are listed in the program. Just view them and find the conversation you want to copy. After deciding which messages to backup, you can click Export button to save these messages on your computer as CSV or other formats freely.

Galaxy Note 5 - Hidden Feature - Enhanced Messaging

In case you do not want to install or use third-party software on your device, there is one more option for you- send the text messages with the inbuilt email feature. Only an email box and an email account can you complete the transferring process easily. The followings are the detailed steps:.

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The first step is to enter the Messages App on your Samsung phone and choose the conversations that you wish to copy. After that, you can open the menu by clicking the three dots icon on the top right corner. This will bring up a window which contains several options. In this window, you ought to elect the option Email and then enter your email ID and password to move the messages. You can enter your email account on computer and download the transferred messages to view or manage them without limitation.

Making use of some Android applications is also a means to export the text messages. Hence, you can select one of them to assistant you. On the main screen, you need to click the Backup option and choose a location to save the backup file, such as the Google Drive, Dropbox or Email.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung Galaxy to Computer Effectively?

After that, you can sign in your Google, Dropbox or email account on computer to download and view the files. Now some of you may wonder: how can I use these transferred messages? The answers would be various here but most of you would like to:. In addition, you can select to delete some conversations on your phone to make room for other files as well.

The advantages of transferring Samsung messages to computer far outweigh its disadvantages so why not take several minutes to do the right thing? Just pick up one method above to make a backup for your important messages and you won't be disappointed. How to Transfer Messages from Samsung to Samsung?

How to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung Galaxy/Note [Full Guide]

How to Transfer Videos between Samsung and Computer? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been officially unveiled on 9th August. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has mostly retained the footprint of its predecessor, while Samsung put the biggest 6. And it comes with a bigger battery up to 4,mAh. Besides, one of the biggest update could be the S Pen, which now is Bluetooth-enabled, it can act as a remote shutter for the camera or a shortcut for other applications. If you are an big screen device addict, Samsung Galaxy Note series can be your best option.

Once you switched from your old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note to the latest Note 9, do you know how to move all your personal data from the old device to it? Of course, you may have some options to get your data transferred. And this article aims to introduce you some simple methods to help you switch your device.

If you are the one who is looking for the best way to transfer all your data from your old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 8 to the latest Note 9, simply read on this tutorial. And among these three methods of Smart Switch, we recommend the Wireless transfer, since it's easy and fast without any other tools needed.

The 9 Best Secret Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Follow the steps below. Syncios Samsung Data Transfer is a comprehensive tool that allows you to 1-click transfer data from one phone to another, fast and seamless, cross-platform supported. So it could be a great alternative to Samsung Smart Switch. Simply download and have a try. Summary: Both solutions introduced above are very easy and fast to transfer your data from the Galaxy Note 5 to Note 9, you can simply choose your preferable one to help you complete the phone data switch.

As we mentioned above, Syncios Data Transfer also supports 1-key device backup and restoring data from iTunes or iCloud backup. Here's how. Before restoring data from iCloud backup to device, if it's your first time using Syncios to restore data from iCloud, you need login your Apple ID and download a backup from iCloud to PC. After successfully downloading the backup from your iCloud account, select the data from the downloaded backup and connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to restore them to your device.

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You can learn more details on this page. Also, Syncios Data Transfer offers both trial version and paid version. Check our pricing detail here. If you have any idea or encountered some problems while transferring data to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can simply leave a comment below or contact us , we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Download and install the latest version of Smart Switch app on both of your Samsung phones from Google play store.