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Focused on Android users, this free app is packed with handy and unique features to amaze users.

Top 6 free cell phone tracking apps

Its value doubles especially when you are travelling on the road and need a digital GPS tracking companion to help you choose accurate fastest route. It offers turn-by-turn navigation enabled with a voice guide and live maps that are consistently updated by Waze community map editors.

You can add your facebook friends and sync your contacts to the app. You can also check the nearest gas stations on your route when you need petrol refill. GPS Phone Tracker. GPS Phone Tracker can be used to view the exact location of your family and friends.

Tracking With Native Android Features

What make it quite praiseworthy are its easy connectivity features, accurate directions and guidance and seamless performance. Its device tracker gets you a real-time update to find a lost Android phone. It is fast easy resort for navigating to your destination. It also contains solid turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation for precise directions while driving, walking or riding. But what makes MapQuest special and considerable is its integration with OpenTable and GrubHub that allows you to browse through restaurant menus, fix reservations and order food.

The GPS tracker app is already popular among millions of people worldwide who use it to access accurate real-time location of their device. Its remarkable anti-theft feature, passive location updates and geo-fencing property make it more special. Glympse is a spontaneous all-round GPS tracking app for Android that has unrivalled power to track your location without compromising your privacy.

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You can easily track a delivery, know the exact location of friends and colleagues, or inform people in your contact about their location. Glympse also protects you device from possible theft. Its user-friendly interface has social qualities that make location tracking effortless. This app is mainly focussed on tracking your dear ones, friends, family or anyone that is important to you. TheTruthSpy app gives you access to a large number of innovative features that lets you remotely track your phone.

These features will work in the background of your smartphone. This app is meant to a mobile monitoring app that can take care of your personal and professional life. Because of its accuracy and privacy features, this app is already trusted by businesses and families around the world. With the development of technology, things are changing rapidly, and you can do almost anything you desire. Investing read more. Trade war coming down to US easing up on Huawei, China buying ag Markets read more.

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Jeffrey Epstein appeals bail denial decision in child sex Politics read more. Key Points. Where this location information is being stored, or how this information is being utilized, is unknown, as there is no enforcement surrounding this functionality after a user provides consent. The issue of data abuse in mobile applications is further inflated when mobile malware, or malicious applications running on mobile devices, is considered. Malware targeting mobile devices, specifically on the Android platform, has risen exponentially in the past year.

While there have been instances of malware on the iPhone and Windows platforms, Android's open marketplace, coupled with the user's ability to choose third-party marketplaces, has fostered a large number of malicious applications. The majority of these applications are often discovered on third-party sources; however, there have been instances of malicious applications being placed on the official market, and subsequently removed by Google.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

The most common way a mobile device becomes infected is when a user installs a malicious application. Malware will pose as a legitimate application in order to entice a user to download and install it. Installing applications from third-party markets, however, is not the only way to get infected. Simply navigating to the wrong website or plugging these devices into the wrong computer can also lead to a malicious application installation. One current trend seen in the wild at this time is when a user is asked to install a legitimate application, a malicious update is pushed out immediately afterwards.

Once installed, these applications will often send SMS messages to premium-rate numbers, record phone calls, collect contact information and, in some cases, record location data as well. This information is then sent to the attackers, where it can be sold or used for illegal purposes.

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Criminals can use location data on individuals in many ways. Knowing exactly when a person leaves their house, and when they are returning is a substantial help when planning a robbery. Alternatively, knowing the location of an individual will often reveal intimate details of their life, which can in some cases lead to other crimes, such as blackmail. These are but a few examples of the things for which criminals can use this information.

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As they say, knowledge is power, and in the wrong hands, there is a lot of power in the location data of one or more individuals. In order to protect themselves from abuse concerning location data from unauthorized third parties, users should follow a number of best practices. Individuals are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the permissions needed by any applications that are installed.

Common sense will often provide the best guidance. For example, it is unlikely that a mobile game would need the ability to send SMS messages, look at an individual's contact list, or view location data. As malicious applications are one of the largest vectors of infection on mobile phones, thorough review should be performed before any software is installed. Additionally, users are encouraged to avoid viewing unknown or suspicious websites.

Much like computers, websites can often be used as an avenue of attack against end-users. Security researcher Eric Monti demonstrated this in , when he was able to successfully take full control over an iPhone via an exploit executed in a web page. A third precaution includes preventing physical access to a mobile device.

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