Invisible spy bluetooth earpiece

It sends a beep tone through your cell phone to your partner for voiceless communication.

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This device is very safe for use. Setup the bluetooth connection with your Cell Phone or any other bluetooth device. Put the invisible wireless earpiece in your ear and Attached Signal silent beeper button underneath your toe. Hide high sensitive microphone under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of whispers. Now you can call your friend and get help, without anybody knowing. The Signal button can be put underneath your toe or hidden in your pocket. Upon pressing the beeper button, a beep tone is sent to your partner over the phone, no matter where they are in the world it is perfect for situations when you can't talk or whisper.

Use the Covert Signal button to signal - for example, one tap for yes, two taps for no, or get more advanced with full fledged beep communication, without anyone knowing what you're doing.

Spy Earpiece

This is the smallest Microphone ever, it is only 3mm in size. The amplification of the microphone is very high, which allows a very quiet whisper but your partner will hear you very loudly. The Microphone can be hidden under your clothes, your collar or sleeve.

It can pick-up voices coming from other people around the room, but when you talk or whisper it will adapt!

Personal Wireless Communication Device

Your partner listening-in will be able to hear everything you say, or anything any other person in the room may say or ask you, loudly and clearly. English English Swedish. Elementa elektronika d.

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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

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